A little about me

In 2011, I held a DSLR camera for the very first time, and the rest, as they say, is history. I knew from that exact moment, that I wanted to capture as much as I can in a photo.

When I think back to my late teens, I always enjoyed snapping photos, and back then, that's all they were, "snaps". My glove compartment of my old '87 Gemini Stationwagon housed a small canon point-and-shoot, which was used everywhere I went. I literally could not afford having all the films developed and had to save up, sometimes taking months before I could see the photos I took for the very first time.

I have spent countless hours learning new techniques to be able to improve the quality of my images, and to expand my portfolio into different areas. Only recently have I branched out into portraits, couples and families, and one day soon, weddings. Eventually I will add photos in these ares to my gallery.

A photo can mean so much to one person, but can also tell a story to so many others. It's a memory that you can show your family and your friends. It can bring joy, sadness and sometimes even anger. A photo album can be an emotional rollercoaster at times, but it showcases your past, your history, you.

My personal favorites

Some of my best work so far. Each has its own story, but for me, they are a great accomplishment.

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