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Location: Elliot Heads, Queensland

This is one big rock. And it can be found along the esplanade of Elliot Heads, Queensland. Affectionately known as Submarine Lookout which is a memorial that is a combination arrangement with all elements recognising the services of individuals from the 10th Battalion, Volunteer Defence Corps, who manned the site as an observation position during the Second World War E.

I like to visit this stretch frequently as there is many beautiful and interesting rock formations which look absolutely stunning during sunrise, or even long-exposure photography.

What is long-exposure photography? This is a photo that has been taken over a period of time. For example, Intense was a photo that the camera took over 13 seconds. Meaning, when i pressed the button to take the photo, the camera shutter opens and stays open for 13 seconds before closing and the photo exposure ends. The end result is everything that moves within the scene during those 13 seconds. As you can see in this photo, the clouds were moving at a steady pace causing them to streak thus giving the photo plenty of interest.

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